A fireplace is an excellent investment: you never grow tired of the living, peacefully dancing flame, and at the same time you also save in heating costs, among other benefits. Polarstone has a broad collection of different fireplaces, baking ovens, their combinations, stoves, outdoor grills and stone slates for different purposes.

The material we use is over two billion years old: serpentine soapstone. It is a durable and beautiful material, and its surface texture is formed of crystals of different colours. The crystals can be highlighted with a surface treatment, giving a guaranteed unique look.

Speaking of unique; we also customize fireplaces according to the customer’s wishes. If our comprehensive collection does not have a suitable model, we can customize one for your needs, be it a fireplace, baking oven, stove or an outdoor grill. If you are considering a customized product, please contact our factory directly. The contact information can be found on the Contact page.

A quality fireplace is an impressive piece of decor and it provides a great atmosphere

Polarstone Oy is located in Savonranta, right near Savonlinna. You are welcome to visit and explore our manufacturing process and to place a fireplace order according to your needs!